Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day 1

Well I made it. The bus was 7 minutes late, I didn't have correct change and I wan't sure where to queue but apart from that it all went OK.

I created this blog in a mad dash before leaving work but then couldn't sign on to blogger from pocket IE. In the end I used Opera Mini - a java applet and this worked no problem.

Now I am cheating - I am using the home PC to finish this post. That's because when I clicked the Save Now button I couldn't get back in to edit the text using my phone. No idea why. So why am I cheating? Well the rules for BusMonster are:

  1. I can only blog using my mobile phone.
  2. I can only blog when actually on the bus or at the bus exchange.
  3. Err. That's it. There are only 2 rules.

Next time I am probably going to try and edit the post in Pocket Word and paste it into a new post.

I think the guy that I sat next to today wanted to kill me. I don't know why - he didn't say anything, I just kind of sensed it. I don't think he liked me playing with my mobile phone on the bus. The highlight for today was when the screaming baby decided to pull the stop chord.

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