Thursday, March 6, 2008

Early Start

Well here's a test. I'm trying to make this post by emailing my post to a special email address. I've also tried attaching a picture.

The bus was 4 minutes late this morning and I think I was the first guy to use the bus because the driver hadn't taken the front cover off the ticket dispenser so all the tickets were getting scrunched up inside the machine.

I feel pretty tired this morning. I couldn't get to sleep last night. My mind was racing with work and the book I am writing. Don't you just hate that? You know you have an early start the next day but you still can't switch off.

Marcus Lush was on Radio Live again this morning. I really hate that guy but I think I like hating him. Today some caller was telling him that "Chim-chimmeny" was originally recorded by the Austrian Boy's Choir on their soundtrack to "Puff The Magic Dragon". Marcus argued with the guy and then got cross because the guy ended the conversation after repeating his point.

"Don't you make out that you are in control of when the conversation ends!", protested Marcus.

Oh well, I had better read through the cv of that guy that's coming for an interview.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day 1

Well I made it. The bus was 7 minutes late, I didn't have correct change and I wan't sure where to queue but apart from that it all went OK.

I created this blog in a mad dash before leaving work but then couldn't sign on to blogger from pocket IE. In the end I used Opera Mini - a java applet and this worked no problem.

Now I am cheating - I am using the home PC to finish this post. That's because when I clicked the Save Now button I couldn't get back in to edit the text using my phone. No idea why. So why am I cheating? Well the rules for BusMonster are:

  1. I can only blog using my mobile phone.
  2. I can only blog when actually on the bus or at the bus exchange.
  3. Err. That's it. There are only 2 rules.

Next time I am probably going to try and edit the post in Pocket Word and paste it into a new post.

I think the guy that I sat next to today wanted to kill me. I don't know why - he didn't say anything, I just kind of sensed it. I don't think he liked me playing with my mobile phone on the bus. The highlight for today was when the screaming baby decided to pull the stop chord.